the man came home yesterday. he came over, and we slept a lot of the day. we went to dinner at a steakhouse, got a few movies and a couple of bottles of wine and went to bed late. he's still jetlagged from being in cali so long. i'm still a morning person. i woke up at 6 today, walked cozmo, then went back to bed for a bit. i went to the store and left my man to sleep for a while longer. he woke up, we went for lunch, and now he has gone back home to virginia to prepare for the coming work week. I sit still at home, doing laundry and watching educational television. i am sad. he was here only a short amount of time. i will see him next weekend when we head to my mother's house. but i am still sad at not having him to sleep next to. to drool on. to talk to and hug, and be silly with. is this love, or codependency? that depends on your perspective. as with everything in life. i am okay. i am young and in love and all is well with the world.