friday!@# morning

alarm. hit the snooze. get out of bed before it cycles. i feel okay. not nervous or anxious today. smoke a morning cigarette. do the female equivalent of shit, shower, shave.

get dressed (jeans, black shirt, docs). walk the dog.

go to work. the beta release i was told to be around for went off without any hitches whatsoever. the only call we recieved was that everything went as smooth as silk. our focus in designing this project was usability, and it seems that we might have hit the nail on the head.

today is friday!

i will eat sushi today.

friday afternoon

i am begining to think the surgeon lied when he said he took my gallbladder out. guh. wednesday this happened too. sudden awful pain in the same area. only standing up and walking will relieve it. happened today after having some crackers. ouch. grizz says it's normal, the muscles in the area are still squeezing the non-existant gallbladder. all i know is i hurt. a lot. i probably won't have sushi today, afterall.

i made EBU today!

i'll probably lose my standing (second from the bottom) almost immediately, but i made it. :)


  • England's Queen Mother turns 100
  • california's electricity woes: a hot summer is putting a drain of the supply of electricity in california. an emergency has been declared in california, meaning large industrial customers are facing rolling black-outs in exchange for reduced electricity costs. the citizens of california are waging a ratepayer rebellion against electricity costs which have doubled or tripled this year. customers are being urged by politicians to pay only as much as they paid at this time last year.
  • more wildfires in the western united states: there are approximately 60 separate fires covering more than 700,000 acres in ten states, mostly in idaho. so far this year, 3.76 million acres have been burned.