thursday morning

wake up. hit the snooze button, but got out of bed before it could cycle. smoke my last cigarette. take a shower. get dressed (jeans, black sweater, docs).

anxiety. nervousness.

walk the dog. go buy cigarettes and coffee creamer. go to work. see second quarter earnings report.


i have a lot of freedom i probably wouldn't have at another company. i dress casual. i live 3 minutes walking distance from here. i have my own office with nice big windows. i like what i do and the company is good at expressing their appreciation. the people i work with are competent and interesting.

i will go with the flow. i will drink much coffee.

i love my man. he loves me. i will not take this for granted.

thursday afternoon

i am looking forward to going home. the day has dragged a bit. it feels more like 7:30 than 4:30. i will go home, walk the dog, and get in a quick bike ride before it rains again. then i will vacuum, smoke a bowl, and relax.

i will finish the self-help book. i will pay attention to what it says. i will look for more information and motivation.

i will try to finish my self-portrait.

thursday evening

a storm is coming. i watch the doppler maps. i hear the thunder already. i love it.