wednesday morning

another day, another dollar. work work work.

i had another fairly sleepless night last night, though not for the same reasons as yesterday. last night i had to pee and pee and pee. about every hour i woke up again and peed. i think the barium kinda dried me up (think cement mix in your intestines), and so i guzzled water all evening before bed.

it's hump day! huzzah to wednesday! the day that shows the week is halfway done, and we can coast downhill until friday.

had dinner with my sister last night... she gave me a shot of depo provera (she's better at giving shots than my doctor). the shot itself i barely felt, but now i feel like i was slugged a good one in the left shoulder. ah well. i love depo. it doesn't seem to be making me any crazier than usual this time, i don't have to remember to take a pill everyday, and (JOY OF JOYS) i don't have a period.

to my man

i love you. i am at work and i am thinking of you. of your hands on my lower back (in my tickle spot). of your chest under my cheek as we fall asleep. of walking behind you so i can see your ass as you walk.