I study Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kempo karate at a dojo in Germantown, Maryland. This evening we had Royce Gracie in to give belts and instruct us. Royce Gracie is probably the most famous sport fighter in the world today.

We went through many techniques; he would teach us a move, then the counter to it, then the counter to the counter. His manner of teaching was more than I'd experienced before. His ability to explain what he was doing as he was doing it made executing the moves seem simple. As we were working, he would circulate and show us the moves individually, allowing us to wrestle with him.

After two hours of practicing in this manner, we were made to spar. Several students were selected for belt testing (white, blue, purple, brown, black), and sparred with Royce Gracie. It was very exciting to watch.

After sparring, several students were given their new belts, and we took photos. I managed to have someone snap a (bad) picture of me with Royce Gracie, and asked him to sign my gi. I left feeling amazed that I wasn't at all tired for the three hour workout, but in fact felt better than when I'd left for it.

Now that I've calmly stated the facts: OMG OMG@!*(#!! THAT WAS SOOOO COOL!!@#@