tuesday morning

wake up. smoke. shower. get dressed. walk dog. buy cigarettes (thank you, my love, for the $7 you tucked into my pocket). go to work. coffee. cigarette break. e2 daylog.

today will be a long day. today is an important deadline. i will do all of my work to the best of my ability. i am confident that i won't be the weak link.

today i talk to the pseudo-head-shrinker again. we shall see how that goes. it's been going fairly well so far (imho. given my recent outbursts my man may or may not agree).

today is the day to find time for a small vacation to mom's house. grab my dog, my bike, my art supplies and just go away for a couple of days. i love it. hang out in the hammock. chill with ma.

i was recently notified that there was some discussion as to whether or not the picture on my homenode is actually me. yes it is. it's just my way of saying hi.