1 cheese danish
1 small bag of cool ranch doritos (my distinctly identifiable breath can be smelled four offices away)
1 cup of coffee
1 large glass of orange juice
6 california roll
1 cup cold noodles with sesame sauce

i went to martial arts practice last night and as soon as i started moving around i felt really good. there was only a few girls in the class last night and i wound up partnered with a high-school aged boy. we sparred and clashed shins. i have a huge ugly bruise.

today i feel okay. i'll be going to practice again tonight so that tomorrow evening i can do laundry and pack for the upcoming vacation.

last night i woke up drenched in sweat again. i mean, i was soaked. even my hands were sweating. but i was terribly cold. i had to change my pajamas and the bed linens. i woke up an hour or so later only to find everything wet again, and me shivering cold. i don't know what is causing this. i'm not overly worried. it's just sweat. but it's uncomfortable and infringing upon my ability to sleep.

today was productive and exciting at work.