Well I have I think some good news. I am not dead yet. (well duh)

I also have some material for people that would I think fulfill your new theme that you have planned. Something about a quest to get material on WWII. You have come to the right place. I have a nice book review on Albert Speer's book Infiltration: How Heinrich Himmler Schemed to Build an SS Industrial Empire in the Third Reich.

and a nice little book review it is too.

I also have plans to get some other content on here as well.

How about the unknown portions of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Diaries?

That's right that slim little volume you read in high school or before is not the whole story not by a long shot.

For example there are at least 10 volumes of basically unedited material.

I also assume that it would not violate any copyright restrictions because of the extreme date of the material and not only that but they are all dead.

If anyone has any objections about my noding at least some of this material please message me about it. I think it would do many people to see some of America's greatest explorers in their element.