Well I have had a bit of inspiration and am going to node a great deal of my previous work that I have done durring the some odd 5 years of study that I have done. I have a nice paper on ideological tyrany which I am going to add with the proper words highlited. I also have some really nice work on Robert Hooke which I am proud of and other scientists of distinction.

Also I have information on the history of religion in America, and a load of other things including archeology which the database will see.

What distresses me is that there is little information on the major ideological tyranies and their impact on human kind. Ideology especially misguided reformist ideology has played a great deal of havoc in the lives of the inhabitants of the world.

This is important for humanity to understand that as such they should be aware that their choices in the short run affect their lives in the long. A good choice now may be a bad choice later and so on and so on.

I also have some nice suprises and things that should be a refreshing change from all that goes on and add to the richness of something that aspires to be a cultured specemin of everyman's everything.

Onward with the pact. Three huzzas for the pact.