Another anime that has finally been given to us, Samurai X is really just Rorouni Kenshin(Yet again American idiocy has messed things up again...). It stars a small boy named Shinta who is renamed Kenshin by the great swordsman Hiko. Who inturn trains Kenshin in the way of Hiten Mitsuruki, one of the greatest sword styles in the Japan and the most feared. Kenshin soon becomes, quite possibly the greatest swordsman that ever lived and is determined to do something with his skills. But in this quest he decides to help the peasents of his country by destroying the old rule. Seeing the suffering of the peasents and tyranny of the leaders angers Kenshin as he determines that the old rules must perish and joins a rebel army in Kyoto.
But he must murder men over and over, loosing himself after each kill. This is when the story dives into the right of people to kill one another and becomes a very interesting story. As Kenshin kills more and more he begins to loose sight of his meaning, or why he began this in the first place. All the blood he has spilt begans to overflow the need for a new rule. His master notices this and asks a young girl named Tomoe to be his "sheath," or rather to care for him so Kenshin doesn't become a mindless killer. Tomoe agrees to do so and begins to become closer to Kenshin. But the dark secret that intertwines them both soon rises and becomes their fatal flaw.

As for the animation quality, the art is amazing. The style and the way each fight flows is different than any other anime out there. The only surprise came when I saw that people can actually bleed that much. A story worth checking out, plus the ending is a big shock.

"Murder is the only art a swordsman can practice"-Hiko