I am not able to articulate any long-term goals for I do not understand what I want out of life. Happiness is, of course, the ultimate goal, that which all goals precede, but I have no idea how to get there.

What do I value? I do not know. Would I be happy with a low paying but satisfying job? I do not know. What if I get a high paying job, save money, and retire early, living cheaply off the interest? What would I then do? What makes me happy? I do not know.

I obsess over cyberpunk and film noir realities. I secretly wish I could conduct my life and affairs based on the basic rules gleamed from such works. Yet, part of me clings to idealistic notions of a better tomorrow, something worth striving for. Which way do I jump? I do not know.

I'm obviously not going to resolve this endless dialogue right this moment, so here are a few short term goals that will serve me well regardless of which path I take. I will return a year from now with an update.

  1. Lose weight to gain self-confidence. Target: 175lbs.
  2. Do well in school. Target: 3.8 GPA.
  3. Save money. Target: 10,000$ by the time I graduate.
  4. Socialize more. Gain more friends. Grow a network of contacts.