I don't think Republicans want to limit the rights of minorities, youngins and women, no more than democrats.

Abortion is no more a right to women than suicide or illegal drug use is. All of them are the women doing things to her own body. Two of them are illegal. One is not. Nonetheless, just because someone is in your body, does not mean they are your body. That is another human, like you in there. If we have sex, you do not have the right to detach my member, even though it's inside you.

In terms of minorities, it is the Republicans who want equal rights. The Democrats want to cater to minorities by giving them special rights. Hate crime laws? Having hate crime laws in existence is federal racism at its finest. Black history month, the NAACP, slave reparations, affirmative action in general... this is racism. Imagine the uproar that we'd have on our hands if their was a white history month. Yet that's no different than black history month, except that it would be viewed as racist.

Limited rights for young people? Absolutely. Otherwise, let's abolish the concept of legal adulthood and alcohol age limit.

I'm not trying to preach. I'm just trying to bring up a couple of points on what kind of actions liberals and conservatives take.