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mission drive within everything
to be loved by everyone ,but only to love one!
you know the old saying been there done that......well im a jack of all trades
diploma g. e. d here!!!!!!!!!!!
live life to the fullest.....or one day at a time
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Was,and will die someday! But untill then lets F'n party!!! Hello my name is Adam,i'm 26 years old.I,m six foot two inchs short. brown on brown, 190 lbs. on a well chizeled athletic frame.

Just looking for someone new,different,strange to talk to and perhaps maybe more.Been around the block a few times and sick of all the stupid games.So if you think your something completely differnt or something that i may take an interest in or just want to send me a message just to say fuck'n HI......go right ahead!!!!!!!!!!!