There is another 666 building in the county east of Queens New York on Hempstead Turnpike near the Roosevelt Field Mall, which proudly lights up the number 666 on all sides in 6 foot high neon sixes. Like the 666 building on 5th avenue in Manhattan, that other one is full of financial and legal institutions and is next to Citibank.

The two 666's in the bible, I agree with TeknoHog, means The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.

A significant coincidence is that RFID Microchips are currently used for tracking and identifying all wild and pet and livestock animals, thus it is literally the Mark of the Beast. Although they are not, nor can they be, secure for the purpose of money transactions and citizen identification, they are being developed for that purpose. It is highly unnatural to be artificially identified so specifically, in humans or beasts, but there probably will come a time when people will have to submit to it for the purpose of virtualizing money with cyborg implants, and thus be marked as living money, owned by the money system, and ignorant of faith in God and the truth that not every creature on earth is yet reduced to a living bank account number. Money is Debt, and in the world today many countries can still function with negative amounts of money, because they can buy things with relative debt, and when the debt-burnened economies accept the debt in electronic accounts in the flesh of individuals, they will be able to spend money they don't have, but already first become slaves to the debt they accept at any age and never be able to break even, very likely because of tax and usury and the ease of altering absolutely virtual electronic records. If you are robbed, you'll only have your hand or your head to lose, as a ticket to hell for the grim reaper. At the time of this writeup, many passports and bank cards and car keys DO have RFID Microchips. Private uses of them in the form of cards as keys is common but there is no requirement to register the numbers of RFIDs for a private use in cards.

RFID objects which are Not implanted are equally easily detectable by would-be thieves unless kept in a metallic sleeve or container when they are not being used. That cannot be done with implants.

Do you know how much privacy you have?