Did you know that you can access Everything2 using your WAP phone? All you need is a dial-up number and a WAP gateway, for which there are many free services out there, and the Google WML proxy. The access is limited, of course, you can't use text boxes to login or to create a node but at least you can check your XP or some recent C!'d writeups. Google clips the pages into WAP-browsable chunks and translates links on the pages so you can navigate them easily with your phone.

Here are some example URLs you can use:
(the latter two split into two lines for your viewing pleasure)

Main page: http://wmlproxy.google.com/wmltrans/h=en/s=0/u=www.everything2.com/c=0

Page of Cool: http://wmlproxy.google.com/wmltrans/h=en/s=0/u=www.everything2.com@2F

Home Node: http://wmlproxy.google.com/wmltrans/h=en/s=0/u=www.everything2.com@2F
(replace the node_id with that of your home node's)

Disclaimer: If you know a better way to accomplish this, please inform me. What's described here is a usable method but the URLs are a pain to type on your phone. They are longish because the Google proxy needs the options and encodings to be present in the query. BTW, the h=en option defines the language used for the interface (menu options and such), you can try to change it to your local country code (fi works for Finnish, don't know about others). The option c=0 means that the proxy tries to get the first chunk of the split-up page. To get the second, third or any other chunk, just replace this with for example c=2. Those unfortunate individuals who don't possess a WAP-capable mobile phone can experience the delights of E2 WAPping using a WAP browser like the PyWeb's Deck-it® which is available for Windows and Linux (see http://www.pyweb.com/).