Casio FP-12 Mini Thermal Printer is an extension to the 1980s Casio FX and PB pocket computer models such as the PB-100. The resolution of the printer is 20 characters per line, no graphics mode is available. The unit is connected to a pocket computer using the SB-2 link cable or the FA-3 Cassette Adapter. Together with a cassette drive this printer can turn your pocket computer into a word processor. Amaze your friends with the ability to save, edit and print kilobytes of text!

Additional details: size 172 x 67 x 41 mm, weight 200 g. The printer gets its power from an integrated Ni-Cd battery pack which can be recarged using the CHA-1 charger. Note that the printer won't operate while using the charger - the CHA-1 can't handle the amount of the current the unit draws while it's printing. The thermal paper rolls are of a standard size (1.5" wide) so they are still pretty easy to find in stores selling calculator supplies.