Gossip is also a well crafted movie about the repercussions of malicious gossip on an intended victim. In this case, a fellow college student, played by Kate Hudson, is the recipient of rumors which circulate to the degree of truth, that is, they may as well be true for everyone believes them to be so. It's like this gossip has a life of its own. And it does; it's a communication class project, designed to test the strength and trace the route of said gossip.

Having planted the seeds of gossip before, and well aware of its implications, three students decide to spread rumors with sexual innuendoes and watch with glee its permutations. These instigators are played by James Marsden, Norman Reedus, and the always intriguing Lena Headey. It radiates with the intensity of "Less than Zero", and builds to an ending no one would have foreseen in the beginning. Miss Hudson demonstrates, once again, that she has the talent needed to succeed even without the help of a famous mother (Goldie Hawn).

Written by Gregory Poirer and Theresa Rebeck and directed by Davis Guggenheim, it's a film about gossip which spreads like wildfire with the results that fire usually leaves; someone gets really badly burned. But so as not to spoil the show, I'll only say the winds which fuel this fire are as unpredictable as most.

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