Excuse me...

I just went thru the 1st phase of a physically painful period.

very painful

And as usual, I learned something.
I was reminded once again how quickly things can change;
in the blink of an eye...
How we take for granted, everyday garden variety blessings.


...What a concept...It's nice to put things in perspective and walk a mile in somebody else's shoes. Nice to realize how blessed we are...most of the time anyhow.

Can't work for a while and enjoying every minute of it. I was born to retire, yet I still have 18 months, 25 days, and several hours before that can happen..but hey, who's counting? But I thoroughly enjoy not working. I've been working way too long. Not working is a pleasure, pure and simple, but there are easier, softer ways to get here.

And last but not least, In order to speed along my recovery, I've been asked to do the following:

Absolutely Nothing

About to retire,I need the practice.