I think I may be cracking up...

I've got new humour!!

I've been laughing at movie trailers all morning.. stuff I don't find funny, all of a sudden I'm finding hilarious...Since Lord of Nothings turned me on to the trailer for The Incredibles..I haven't stopped laughing..

Before that..I was out on the dock by the river here in Daytona Beach, yes, I know there's an ocean here, but there's also a river..called the Halifax and it's right outside my back door, actually my front door, but back door would be easier for you to understand..
and a group of 4 propellor driven, WWII vintage aircraft did a flyover..just for me??

Before that, at the breakfast table..sitting across from me was Sheryl Crowe. Now I personally don't think women get anymore beautiful than when they're sitting across from you at breakfast...clear, plain, uncluttered..lips, eyes, cheeks, etc., within an arms reach...and if they're playing a guitar and singing, well, you get the idea..

Now maybe this all has something to do with the fact that come Monday morning at 9:30 A.M., I'll be going under the knife for a little back surgery and I guess I'm starting to experience that little pink cloud right before one faces the end...or the beginning.

But, whatever it is, I couldn't feel better..it's amazing..enjoy what you have while you have it..it could all change in the blink of an eye..new paths, new directions..gotta love it...see ya in a few days..

Love ya..God bless ...adios