time for a little ramble rant...

I used to have a friend, who when times weren't all that great, and asked how things were going, would simpy reply, "kinda rough right thru here." Well, that's where I'm at..the times they are a changin'..all the time..

Last week I had an annual review at work, and it was then that I decided I need a new job..all good things must come to an end, and this hasn't been good in awhile. So I fervently started looking...found some good leads, made some calls..

And then today at work, I get a random drug test..Well, that just screws everything up...I mean it's been 35 days since I had a toke..so I should be ok..but with the way the stars are lining up...and pluto and mars and everthing's not all right..I mean are they gonna fire me before I have a chance to quit...that's just wrong.

So another friend always greets me with," Crazy ain't it?," and well I guess it is...So thanks for the time and space and for letting me rant on a Monday afternoon..