OK, well, I usually don't remember my dreams too long after I've awaken, but I've been at work and play all day and last night's dream still resonates in my mind.

You see, at the ripe old age of 105, or however old it is I am, I'm going back to school again. Now, I haven't thought much about it, but obviously my subconscious has...'cause last night, I dreamed about school.

I dreamt I was riding in a van with a bunch of other students around the campus headed for class. When the van stopped, I started to get out and someone said, "Pick us up in an hour," talking to me. I started to say, "But," and then I looked around and no one was in the van but me...the driver's door was open, but the driver was gone. They obviously expected me to be their driver.

So, I drove around for a few minutes and then thought, "To hell with this, I'm going to class!" So I parked the van and headed for a building, but the building looked like it had been bombed..you know, most of the side was missing...and the only way in was to climb up the side of the building using some harness apparatus, and so I did. I maneuvered up two stories, scrambling up the side of a classroom building.

And then I woke up; I hope this is no foreboding of the difficulties I'm about to face at school. I'm too old to be climbing buildings.