Since Bob Hope helped me celebrate my birthday, I think it's only proper that I should salute him on his.

Happy Birthday Bob Hope!!

On December 20, 1964, I turned 21, and Bob Hope was there to help me celebrate. He had come all the way to Bien Hoa, Vietnam where I happened to be at the time, and he brought a bunch of folks with him. Les Brown and His Band of Reknown always traveled with Bob as he entertained the troops at Christmastime, year after year after year. I'm sure Miss America was there because Bob didn't travel without the current Miss America. And I remember a singer named Anna Maria Alberghetti who helped Bob croon some tunes, but what all the troops waited for each and every year, was the hot little honey Bob had picked to add a little extra excitement to the show. On this specific year, and on my birthday, Bob had chosen Joey Heatherton, who was just that, a hot little honey. As TheDeadGuy indicates in his w/u of Joey, she was best known for her suggestive and risque dancing and her legs, which began somewhere and seemed to never end. There were other foxy ladies there I'm sure, but Bob isn't the only one who's aged since then and the memories just aren't what they used to be. But, when Bob would leave the stage he and his entourage would sing, Thanks For The Memories, and today there are millions of ex-servicemen like myself, who would like to tell Bob, thanks for the memories. It's probably one of those deals where you'd have to be there to appreciate it; we were and we do.

Happy Birthday Bob!!

Rest in Peace, My Man
May 29, 1903-July 27, 2003