ramblings on a saturday morning

As we age, and trust me, we all do..the other option, death, is not a viable one...for many, as Creed states, "life has just begun". And what brings us from that point to the next? Choices. Plain and simple, choices. When we make them, on a daily, hour by hour, minute by minute, selection, they don't seem so important, but they are the substance of the direction we take. There's no way I arrived at where I am today, except as a direct result of the choices I made.

If you make a left turn instead of a right, the consequences in retrospect can be staggering. Your significant other might just be somebody else's if you hadn't gone to class that day and made the significant impact on him/her that you did. The decision to fly to Phoenix instead of drive, ranks right up there with the Theory of Evolution as it relates to your life. My decisions to quit this or that job,to take this or that trip, to argue about this or that hypothesis are facets in the evolution of my journey that has landed me right here on a Saturday morning in April.

Please...think...make good choices...a life is a terrible thing to waste.