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[note: with time, this will become less a "hey! learn about me and what i like!" node, and more of a random collection of nodelinks, quotes, rants, and cheese.

music, physics, computers, latin and greek, drugs.

"this great evil...where's it come from?
how'd it steal into the world?
what seed, what root did it grow from?

"who's doing this? who's killing us?
robbing us of life and light.
mocking us with the sight of what we might have known.

"does our rule benefit the earth?
does it help the grass to grow, or the sun to shine?

"is this darkness in you, too? have you passed through this night?"

radiohead. orbital. john digweed. dj shadow. massive attack. pink floyd. belle & sebastian. dave seaman. sigur ros. sloan. aphex twin. moby. st germain. blur. bjork. depeche mode. fluke. explosions in the sky. grandaddy. steely dan. beck. portishead....

undergraduate, ready for grad school but lacking in credits. most interested in quantum field theory, general relativity, theoretical mechanics, classical electromagnetism. i'm a theorist: i like math, i hate labs.

mostly i chat on IRC (seano on dalnet) and IM, and that because i'm stuck at work with nothing else to do. interested in linux, and have had a few boxen before, but never stuck with it. same with programming; i'd say i've got a semester's worth of learning in each of C, C++, perl, assembly (IBM). i'm all for open source. i'm all against adverts.

took five years of latin and three years of ancient greek in high school. was going to continue it in college, but got sidetracked. have been trying lately to get back into the stuff. always was partial to cicero, though i don't think i agree with much of his political views.

don't like cigarettes at all, don't like caffeine at all, don't like alcohol too much: mixed drinks are good, as is wine; most everything else (shots, beer) i detest. pot is great, though i respectfully disagree with anyone who claims potheads are boring, immovable objects. ...well, okay, most of them are. but, myself, i'm quite animated when high. i still like to become immersed in audial or visual stimuli, but i also like to converse at levels i don't reach when sober, and go and do other social things under the smoky veil. it's definitely my most-used potion; i go through about an eighth a month (if you just count what i, myself, ingest). and i always do it with others; the usual suspects are carl and laura. tried shrooms twice; didn't trip the first time. second time was incredible, by far my most favorite drug-related experience. hope to do it again soon. snorted cocaine a few times, didn't like it at all. didn't give me much of a boost at all, and the comedown was shitty. won't ever try it again. pretty much the same with ritalin. i'm actually pretty amazed at myself, that i've done these things; i pretty much have always put all snorted drugs in a separate class, and looked with disdain upon them, for whatever (probably socially instilled) reason. have dropped e numerous times (between twenty and thirty different occasions, i'd say), have always been quite happy with it (especially the first few times!). haven't rolled in quite a while now; wouldn't mind doing it again, but i'm not clamoring for it at all. would like to trip on acid at some point, as well as try hash and opium (and probably other things i can't think of right now).

gosh, that was a pretty big drug paragraph. i imagine that's because i'm at work, and when i'm at work, my mind wanders into thinking about drugs a lot. boredom will do that to you.

i'm a bit political, though i don't know what classification i would fall into. i'm liberal about most things that get talked about in the media, and i much prefer socialism to capitalism. at the same time, i find myself often wishing there were no 'nations' at all, no arbitrary divisions into 'us' and 'them'. so i suppose i've got some anarchist in me. i am opposed to most every foreign policy move the united states makes (i live near boston, by the way), from its refusal to sign certain treaties to its horrific bombing of afghanistan (and, it seems, nearly every other third-world country over the past fifty years). i'm especially disgusted by the righteousness of those who support such bombings; personally, i don't see how one could call the world trade center bombing an act of evil, then call the afghanistan bombings an act of good. yes, i'm a pacifist, but there's a lot more to it than that (for instance, the fact that no evidence has ever been produced as to who may have been behind the world trade center attacks; the fact that the thousands killed in afghanistan most certainly had as much to do with said wtc attacks as those who died in new york did with, say, american 'involvement' in the middle east). i could go on and on. and yes, i know i'm acting just as righteous as the rest of them.