A notoriously difficult to define form of creative writing that looks like prose but works like poetry. Two prominent prose poets are Russell Edson and Charles Simic (who won a Pulitzer Prize for his book of prose poems, The World Doesn't End in 1990).

Here is an example:

We were so poor I had to take the place of the bait in the mousetrap. All alone in the cellar, I could hear them pacing upstairs, tossing and turning in their beds. "These are dark and evil days," the mouse told me as he nibbled my ear. Years passed. My mother wore a cat-fur collar which she stroked until its sparks lit up the cellar. (Charles Simic, The World Doesn't End (Harcourt Brace, 1989))

For more examples, check out the journal (from the English Department at Providence College) called "The Prose Poem: An International Journal."