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Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.
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Slowly, nefariously, i have been drawn deeper and deeper into the world of e2. It began with references made by my friend Robert -- who begins almost
every sentence with:
"That reminds me of a Bob the Angry Flower Cartoon" or "I saw this thing on E2..."

i began to give e2 passing glances when comandeering his computer during visits, and then he started to email me links to various nodes ... and then,
suddenly, i found myself intentionally firing up the ol' browser to take a look. Soon, i was hooked. Where else can one find subjects this diverse? it
might have been the user manual for kittens that got me, but it might also have been the "organic rasping surface" entry, or something that
might best be described as a survival guide for American ninjas at the office... Who knows? Who cares? However it happened, Robert's evil plan to
relieve me of all the time that might be spent writing or doing dishes or running has worked. Curse him!

So here i am, at last, with an E2 account, prepared to delve deeper into the mystery of Everything.