A surgical procedure in which the clitoris is released from the pubic mound, and some skin is removed to make it look longer. The result is equivalent to a small penis, except that the urethra is still located in its original position. The resulting length and girth are determined by the patient's genetic makeup, by the surgeon's skill, and by whether or not the patient has taken testosterone prior to the surgery and if so, for how long. A scrotum can also be constructed at this time, with the option of prosthetic testicles.

Metaoidioplasties are generally carried out on FTMs, as one of two possible genital surgeries, the other being a phalloplasty. There are several advantages to a metaoidioplasty over a phalloplasty, including the lack of visible scars in most cases and the lack of damage to genital sensation and erection. The biggest disadvantage of a metaoidioplasty, perhaps, is the difficulty of pronuncing it.