Friends!... Does this describe you?

"Some nodes, my messages to the author turn out to be longer than the w/u itself." - eliserh

Do you /msg people about their spelling errors, even though you're not an editor?

Do you yearn for feedback on your writing more than for shiny shiny upvotes?

Do you froth at the mouth when you see an ungrammatical writeup?

Boy, do we have a usergroup for you!

E2pandas is a new group for people who like nerding over linguistics, English usage, punctuation, and giving each other feedback on our writing.

It derives its name from "the panda joke," as featured in Eats, Shoots and Leaves. If you liked that book, you should join us. If you want to learn what a split infinitive is, you should join us. If you want to nodevertise shamelessly to get lots of extra attention on all your writeups, you should join us.

I'm not just the president of the Hair Club for Men... I'm also a member

E2Pandas arose because I found the thrill of the upvote was beginning to die away. I wanted people to tell me what they thought about my writeups. I wanted to hear that the overall piece was good but the second paragraph was a little confusing. Or that the way that the writeup synthesized this and that idea was new and interesting. Or that it had made someone understand the subject in a new way. I wanted a place where people who loved writing and talking about writing could congregate.

Being an anal bitchy grammar queen, I also felt the need for a place where I could lean over to the person beside me and say, "Oh my god! I am so taking this person's apostrophe key away! Holy jesus, if one more person says 'The reason is because,' I'm going to scream!" Just in the nicest possible tones, you understand. With love.

I secretly fantasize about starting a Save the Subjunctive society. If you are as crazy as I am, or if you just want to talk about writing, join me.

"I'm just glad there's a group with my name all over it." - wordnerd

This usergroup exists thanks to the superlative work of knifegirl. Bow before her.