This morning, my cat woke me up at 6 am to show me that she had killed her toy mouse on a string. She was all "Mom? Mom!! Look! Look what I brought you!" and then I petted her and told her what a good kitty she was and lavished attention on her and she purred and purred.

I want her to keep on playing and being frisky forever. My first girlfriend's cat was about 7 when we got Jesse, not that old, and she had already stopped playing with stuff. Like it was beneath her dignity. And she made my girlfriend carry her around on her back. And then we had finally gotten her to start playing again -- and then we got Jesse. And Lisa (the snobby queen cat) was all "You know what? Fuck you. Just. Fuck. You."

*dramatically* and she NEVER PLAYED AGAIN.

So far, my cat plays with things still. She went through a little phase of "If you're not moving it I ain't playing with it." But I think she dropped that when she realized that it didn't really get her any more attention from me. Cause I'm just like "Hey look! It's a toy! It's the gift wrap bow you like to mangle! Look at that! Look at it move! Woo! Get the bow!... Hey, is that the mail?" and then I wander off. To her utter disgust.

So she's started playing with stuff on her own again. But now her new thing is "The sofa is my territory! I will not leave the sofa to chase that piece of string!" If I try to move it off the sofa, she just looks at me. Like "Oh, yeah, that's TOTALLY worth going all the way over there for. It's a FAKE MOUSE." I'm like "But you wanted to disembowel it so bad a second ago!"

She's all, "Whatever. You are SO human."

i have too much fun with pipelinks....