Later, a longer daylog. Perhaps. But for the moment, I'd like to ask everyone (or is that Everything) for information.

I want to put together a book of writing by people in multiple systems, a basic sort of "what it's like to be multiple" book for people who aren't - as well as for people who are and who desperately need to hear from others like them. But I have only the dimmest and most cynical ideas of what people generally know about this sort of thing.

If you were going to pick up a book on (gods help us) what is somewhat flatulently called MPD/DID, what would you want it to tell you? What questions would be tickling the edges of your brain? Would there be specific facts you needed to know? Stories you wanted to hear? If you knew it was geared toward explaining a few basic aspects of multiplicity via (mostly) people's own experiences, what sorts of things would you hope they'd talk about?

/msg me! It's a party!

Ultimately, what I would like would be to have one anthology that is more factual like that, and one that illustrates the same topic through fiction and (other) art, because I find that fiction leads me to understand people's experiences better by experiencing them a little bit myself. Sometimes the slippery fluidity of metaphor is the best way to pass these things along.

I half-wish I could turn this into a quest. But there's so little decent information about multiplicity out there that I fear e2 would just be laden with conflicting half-truths from non-multiple "professionals" who each think their piece of the puzzle is the only and shiniest one. It might be excellent if there were a quest for "mad pride" sort of writeups (which apparently would have to start with someone noding "mad pride") - solid, well-researched information on (perhaps) what others term disabilities and abnormal psychology and so on, all the autism and asperger's and multiplicity and schizophrenia and so on that are best understood (but rarely studied) from the inside.