October 13, 2002 The scenario is in an average New York elementary-school. The main character, Dave who does not like to get into trouble. There is Jim and Bill, who are in their own mock-gang. Bill is a big character with a bulldog-like face. Neither of them are very bright.

One day Jim did a prank and hung Dave on a tree. Now he wasn't a very smart kid, so instead of climbing back down, he decided he would get a bigger applause from the audience if he jumped down from the tree. So what happened was, he twisted his ankle and got a few wounds on his limbs.

When the teachers came, not only was Jim suspended, but it was in a hospital. He couldn't come back for a couple of days. Bill, not being very astute, thought that Dave caused Jim's immobolization.

So he approached him in the classroom, and said,
"EH! I heard you messed up my friend. Thats a bad thing, to mess up my friend."
"But he fell on his own! I didn't do anything."
"You know what I do to people who lie to me? You messed up my friend, now I mess YOU up. Fair, eh?"

So he took out a box cutter.

"You know what i'm gonna do to you? THIS is what imma do to you"

He prompty demonstrated what he was going to do: he took his box cutter with his right hand and jabbed it into his left arm, PULLING IT ALONG THE LENGTH OF HIS ARM.. The result was a bloody messed up arm and a classroom full of "catch-up."