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deflating the american dream
omniscience, rapier wit, superior condescention, grizzled realism, uncompromising hatred of stupidity
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"... actually the communists won WWII, check the numbers (you fool)"
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"... and so, after enduring an almost desperatly iconic vision of childhood (which was really an extended period of enforced naivety) this strange creature discovered that reality was somewhat lacking in certain basic elements that had hithertoo been presumed natural ... honesty, goodness, openmindedness, courage ... buddha warned us about this: disillusionment must preceed enlightenment ..."


"Why couldn't he actually do something to fix the real extant world of pain and lies and delusions and earth-shattering-anxieties and fleeting escapist passions (food, cars, pretty 3/2 houses in suburbia, sports) rather than making such dire observations from the mount of wisdom?!?!"

All conquering buddha nature MY ARSE!

I'd hate him completely if he didn't hold the keys to happiness, understanding, wisdom and 'all that bollocks' ... Just like all those other pricks (Socrates, Jaques Lacan, Marx ...)