Church of the Bizarre:

One part of last night's dream (early in the morning) involved my meeting with bol in Douglas.

"Where are you off to?" I said.

"I'm going to Church, with you!" he replied.

This was strange to me, especially in light of bol's transformation into his college self - i.e. longer hair and old, worn leather jacket.

But still, we wandered off on the ring road near the petrol station until we came to the local shopping mall.

In here? I asked.

This is where it always is." replied bol.

We went inside and it was done up exactly like a church, all big and quiet and there were several women I know who were dressed as priests.

After a short, ten minute service - which was mostly composed of everyone saying "Scaramouch!" in unison - we went out again into the sunshine.

Outside, many of the church-goers, all dressed in black were gathered around a huge steaming pot in the car-park. We went over to join in. I asked what was in the pot and bol said;

"Ox hooves and pig's heads, of course!"