I've started having the exhaggerated phobic reactions again.

Most notable among them is sphexophobia - fear of wasps. I hate wasps. I loath wasps. I can pretty much handle bees as long as they don't land on me, but wasps have to stay on the outside of a twenty metre exclusion zone. They're just soooo malicious, among insects. The whole not dying when it stings thing bugs me (no pun intended).

I was getting a bus into town yesterday and there was a wasp trapped inside, butting it's head against the window like an old-fashioned Millwall supporter. I knew it couldn't have been happy about it. So I stared at it, for 40 minutes, until I could leave. I had to know exactly where it was at all times. Any time it came near me I started feeling the painful thudding, as my heart splashed inside my chest.

I've only ever been stung by a wasp once, and it was after I'd developed this phobia. I'm not even allergic to the sting, so it is truly an irrational fear, and one I have all the time. Just lately though, it's gotten really out of hand.

Add to that feelings of claustrophobia, demophobia, agorophobia and vertigo and I'm a nervous wreck.

Exams are coming.