Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Dandelion and burdock cordial is a concoction made from extracts of the two medicinal herbs which are its namesake, plus water, wine, sugar and sometimes citric acid. It is a key ingredient in some cocktail type beverages such as Retro Punch and Midsummer Madness and is purported to have mild cleansing properties. I take that to mean that if consumed in sufficient quantities, the beverage can impart that "get up and go" feeling. Among the other beneficial effects attributed to the pair are: Blood purification (burdock) and enhanced liver function (dandelion). I guess if you are going to consume large quantities of alcohol, it wouldn't hurt to have an ingredient in there that will enhance liver function, eh? I fear I cannot comment on the taste since I have not tried it (I would, though). I do have a testimonial from a user who says it, "tastes mediciney and makes one 'piss like a racehorse'". Both herbs are common throughout much of North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to being used in this cordial and the medicinal uses, both plants are also used as wild food plants. Their respective nodes even have directions for preparation as food. By some accounts, burdock burrs (seed capsules) were the inspiration for Velcro due to their tenacity as hitchhikers.