I've been whizzing around the nodegel for the past couple days, and I have run across quite a few interesting phenomena.

  1. Low level people with cools
  2. Very low level (4th is the lowest I've seen) editors
  3. Two different nodes with the same title The Perfect Pint, although it may change if you go and check it out.

My guesses on why anomalies exist are:

  1. Perhaps they got cool power before the rules were finalized. Or perhaps they deleted a mess of writeups that dropped them to a lower level.
  2. I think this was explained here but it is still screwy looking to see that [$] symbol so far down on the Other Users Nodelet.
  3. It may be an E1 conversion issue. I notified the management.

In other news, I got an email from girlface. She is in India in case you were wondering. I wrote her because I wanted one of the books she had listed on The Great Grand E2 Book Lotto. She said that she left her books in <smartass>The Great Satan</smartass> (my term, not hers). I guess I'm out of luck. If anyone wants to trade books, check out my list. I was particularly interested in her Gandhi book.

On another noders advice, I emailed dem bones an idea for a superdoc. *Shudder* I hope he doesn't smite me with his pimp stick.