I made 4th level yesterday. Woo hoo. My first thought, "Have I earned my bullshit yet?" My second thought: "Now I can C! people." I immediately signed up to mentor because I'm chill like that. I have to confess that my noding quantity spiked yesterday to meet the goal, but I don't think the quality suffered too horribly bad. I noded the last of my family recipes, a poem of mine, and some lyrics. All these things, I have been thinking about noding for a long time so I was only noding for numbers in one little sense of the term.

This weekend was a lazy one. Other than noding, I didn't do much. Still, I had some insomnia, and I took a sleeping pill last night to get some sleep. Big mistake. Today I am a zombie. I slept on the bus. I am barely awake now at my desk at work. I'm glad I don't have any meetings today.

My wife and I watched some movies this weekend. We rented Monkey Bone, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Book of Shadows (Blair Witch 2). Jesus, Monkeybone was bad. It was nice to see Rose McGowan, but other than that there was not five minutes in that movie worth a damn. Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, was good. I'm surprised it got such bad press. My wife and I were big fans of the first one, so we really got into the sequel. Of course O Brother was good. I saw it in the theater and thought it was the funniest movie I had seen in a long time, and it holds up a year or so later on video. George Clooney really demonstrates that he can act and do comedy. Priceless. And the soundtrack is great. I never thought I would say positive things about bluegrass, but it really isn't that bad. There is some really dark, messed up bluegrass out there. Take Oh Death, for instance.

Last night before bed, she asked me who would win — Xena or the Blair Witch. I said the Blair Witch. The Blair Witch would make Xena think she won, but as Xena was carried off to the medieval funny farm, she would learn she actually killed Gabrielle, Joczur, and about 500 other people. My wife's argument was that Xena would use her shamanic powers and make the Blair Witch her bitch. She would also enlist the help of a bunch of heavies like Beowulf, Thor, and Hercules or something. I think I have the better argument, but she is probably right. Xena can do anything.

In other news, I actually had to wear a jacket today. The temperature this morning felt like it was in the 40s, but it was probably in the mid 50s. Still, the bus stop was quite chilly.

As lunch time approaches, I have done no work. I am so sleepy all I can do is click from link to link in my browser, meandering around the web like a tumbleweed. Further proof of my stupor: I just hit the Insert key about 6 times, thinking I was hitting the Backspace key. Why couldn't I figure it out sooner? My synapses are filled with molasses.

I was thinking about putting a writeup under E2 tips for Palm users, but I decided to put what I would write here. I think that node was fairly complete without my help, and my contribution probably wouldn't have added much value. Anyway, here is my Palm tip:

Set up a category in your memo pad called Everything2. Add memos called "Allies," "Downvotes," "Enemies," "Node ideas," "Nuke request," "To C!" and "Upvotes." In these memos, you do the obvious.

  • In Allies, you list the people who are nice to you so you don't forget them.
  • In Downvotes, you list the nodes you want to be sure and vote down. Not that anyone would ever downvote.
  • In your Enemies list, you list the people you want to smite, so you don't forget them.
  • In Node Ideas, you list all those miraculous node ideas you get while sleeping, in the shower, etc.
  • In Nuke Request, list all the nodes you want to give the axe (when you get around to it.)
  • To C! is fairly self explanatory. The C!s come slow, so it pays to remember the nodes you really like.
  • Upvotes is like Downvotes except better for the karma.
This is how I use my Palm Vx to navigate the nodegel.