{ Moons of Saturn }
Discovered by            W. & G. Bond, W. Lassell  
Date of Discovery        1848
Distance from Saturn     1,481,100 km
Radius                   180 × 140 × 112.5 km
Mass                     2 x 10^22 g
Orbital Eccentricity     0.104
Orbital Inclination      0.43°
Orbital Period           21.2766088 days
Rotational Period        ???
Density (gm/cm3)         ??? 

Hyperion is quite an oddball moon. It is one of the largest irregularly shaped satellites yet observed. Its orbit is highly eccentric, which brings it very close to Titan. The combination of its strange orbit and the competing tugs of Saturn and Titan cause it to tumble and twist through space instead of rotate. Although it is composed of entirely of water ice, its surface is dark as if covered by reddish dust. It appears to have been heavily battered by meteors. In fact the strange shape, orbit, and rotation may have been caused by the impact of a large meteor long ago. One crater in particular is 120 km across, and 10 km deep. This heavy cratering leads some scientists to think this is one of the oldest of Saturn's moons.