{ Moons of Saturn }
Discovered by            R. Terrile 
Date of Discovery        1980
Distance from Saturn     137,670 km
Radius                   18.5 × 17.2 × 13.5 km
Mass                     ???
Orbital Eccentricity     0.000
Orbital Inclination      0.3°
Orbital Period           0.6019 day
Rotational Period        ???
Density (gm/cm3)         ??? 

Tiny, irregular Atlas orbits Saturn near the outside of the A ring. Saturn's rings are identified by letters, ascending from the inside out. Atlas is Saturn's second closest satellite. Atlas's location within a ring makes it a shepherding moon. This means it limits the size of its nearby ring through gravitational forces. It was discovered by means of imagery from the Voyager 1 probe.