The movie ratings that the MPAA give out go something like this:
  • G: General Audiences. All ages admitted.
  • PG: Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may be unsuitable for children.
  • PG-13: Parents are stringly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. Some material may not be appropriate for young children.
  • R: Restricted - People under 17 years of age require an accompanying parent or guardian.
  • NC-17 No one under 17 years of age admitted to this film.
  • X This rating symbol is no longer used to classify films (no one under 17 admitted), and may not be identified with NC-17 without the specific authorization of the Classification and Rating Administration.
That's the MPAA's take on it. Of course, that doesn't explain how Twister got rated PG13 for "Intense depiction of very bad weather." Really.

The MPAA should learn that rating films is stupid - I'd let my kids see Lolita before I let them see The Little Mermaid - at least Lolita isn't blatently commercial. Oh, wait, I don't have any kids.