I was in a classroom with a bunch of computers in it (looked kinda like a smaller version of Reed College's L18). I was in a class run by my high school English teacher, Dave Mitchell. I wasn't paying attention, I was surfing the web, reading about a new feature in the GIMP.

At a break in the class, I went outside. Outside was outside of my high school (in Philadelphia, but a parking lot had been replaced with a smaller version of the plaza outside the school. There was a street vendor there, and I was last in line. I ordered a hot dog, and as I was apparently quite friendly with the three people running the cart, mentioned that I had a cold. Immediately, they began plying me with various cold remedies. One of them gave me a glass jar of some thing that looked a lot like licorice - I consumed it on the spot. Then my hot dog was ready, and the vendor gave it to me. All of the other vendors gave me cold remedies, but there was too much for me to carry, and it all started to spill out of the paper bag, which had ripped. There were multi-colored jimmies all over the cobblestone.

I returned to class (I think we were actually in Dave Mitchell's classroom, this time). We were given photocopies of an old newspaper article, which Dave started to read from:
"The five men walked away from the scene of the rape. The woman arose, bloody and filled with an inner fire. The men kept walking, unaware of the cyberdemon they had created"

Then I woke up. Yeah, my dreams are pretty weird. In this context, cyberdemon meant cyber + demon, not the Doom enemy.