I upvoted this and chinged it. Then I realized the flaw in it - you forgot to get married. If you are a straight unmarried couple who has lived together for years, you still can't "bond" by having sex. And, since the Roman Catholic Church has not allowed people of the same sex to get married, you're still screwed (or, rather, not screwed).

May I suggest changing to a religion that lets you do what you know is right without having to think about why the religious heirarchy might possibly allow it?

Illumina: No, because marriage is the driver, not the relationship or the sex. In the RCC, what marriages are allowed is determined (ultimately) by the Pope. The Pope gets his "info" from God and the Bible (or so they say). They try to avoid changing stuff, because then they have to interpret the words of previous Popes in twisted ways to avoid contradicting them (because of Papal Infallibility)

Zanth: Un-natural is a matter of opinion, frankly. Also, who says you can't split hairs over theology? That's half the fun! Although, the "possibility of offspring" thing brings up an interesting issue: Let's say a female fetus is genetically modified in utero to produce sperm and semen, and to excrete it upon orgasm. Let's further say that she lacks a uterus. Now, the fetus is born and grows into a woman, and she joins the RCC. Since she can produce offspring only with another woman, what would the RCC say to her marrying one?

I think the RCC actually has slightly different issues than those that you mention, but I won't press the issue...

mblase: The RCC does not interpret the Bible literally.

Myrmidion: Holy shit, that's clever. And, of course you aren't a Christian - that would be anachronistic, as Myrmidons were 1000 years before Jesus.