celebration! two days in the row.
last night, i took my family to sushi to tell them i'm ready to fight with the world by myself and to thank about the fact that they have supported me to getting ready for this.

tonight, i took ai to sushi to celebrate her marrige.
i'm really happy with hearing that she's getting marry.
honestly, i've been felt like unless she marries, i cannot focus on myself. there is no possibility for us to get back 'cause we concluded that we are not right for each other after being together for nine years.
that's the fact and that's it.
without being cynical, i feel good about she's getting marry and me being by myself to focus on my future.

ai, congratrations. i will be loving you as a person no matter what.
and i think we will never get together for the rest of our life. that is good thing 'cause we've been too depenent each other.
we need to walk our own path without bending our way to live.
go away and be happy!!!!!

i've got next project to work on. i'll be getting busy and being busy is good.

i'm sure there are a lot of typo in this writeup due to my drunkenness.
hell, i don't care.
i'm dying to want to record my feeling tonight.
i'll check my bad spelling and my bad grammer tomorrow at the work.
i'm feeling better-sweet-yet-happy tonight.