do you know how much i love you, garandma?

i stopped by your house 'cause i had really bad dream.
i was at your funeral. when i just woke up, i couldn't tell if it was dream or real.

you are one of the most beautiful woman in the world i've known.
77 yo.
you go to beauty salon every week 'cause you aware you are a lady.
you always wear nice and taught me how important it is to always wear nice.

you are the beautiful woman, yet you are getting old.
when i gave you back rub, i peeked your lovely winkled hands. you reised your daughter by the hands.

when i told you that i don't belive in long term relationship, you told me you do even though two of your husband passed away within three years after both of them married you.
you always told me how important it is to love somebody.

grandma, you are the badass.

you never hesitate to call me a difficult bitch.
you know who i am.
and you alway told me that i'll either end up being a helpless alcoholic or a successful rich geek.

wait for me little longer. i'll be the latter.
i will buy you the world most sexyest black dress for a grandma and escort you to a world finest restaurant.

sounds like silly, but this is one of my dream.