hot. too hot. almost hundred degree plus smog. no wind at all.
went down to shibuya to get some cds. stoppped by a clothing store where my friend works at. went coffee with her. she complained how shitty this city is and i agreed.
i told her i've got a job and she laughed.
she asked me if i'm gonna work as a sex worker and i said no.
i told her that i'm gonna work as a geek. she laughed again.

went home and enjoied the music i've got.

kenta gave me call and told me that kiro is back for summer.
went to monsoon cafe with them to drink.
kiro conviced me to move back to the country 'cause this city sucks.
i know.
he offered a free room in nyc until i get a job up there.
well, i need to get a visa first...
i've got drunk and talked too loud. one yappy came up to me to convey that i'm too noisy.
so, three of us made him shut up.
being kicked out from the place...
drived around to see if something is going on.
went home and thought about moving to kiro's place.
unrealistic but attractive.