i was visiting my friend kiro at nyc.
after we went for coffee, we headed off to his apartment in harlem.
when kiro opened the door of his room, i couldn't believe the sight i've seen.
his room was furnished in very tipical/traditional japanese apartment's room way.
floor was covered by tatamis. rooms were separeated by shoujis...
i even sensed the smell of katorisenkou.
i said 'what's going on?' to kiro, and he seemed to be confused by being asked this question.
another surprise.
when i entered the living room, there was kunio sitting by the window. we went same kindergarten together, but i've never herad of him since then.
i said hi to him and he gave me a glance and walked way to somewhere.
i was totally confused at that time.
kiro said he gonna give his girlfriend call to tell her to come over.
after a while
his grilfriend rung a bell and opened the door.
i was really shocked by seeing her because his grilfriend was my grandma...