i was looking for a room whole day today, but no luck.
it's fucking expensive here in tokyo. every decent room i went to take a look at costs $1000 or more. shit. i don't wanna live in shitty place like lacy.
went home and took a nap. then kenta gave me call to convince me to come down to milk in ebisu 'cause tonight, he will have his first show.
so, i drove there and met him and bunch of cool people.
junior-kun. he is one of the best CG guy here in tokyo. we talked about a future project we gonna do together.
ani + rimon = smogus. they plays kind of beasty boys like music. but they are more punk oriented. they played tonight as well and i had great time.
run into kiro again. he is everywhere. i run into him on friday at a shitty club in roppongi.
talking about roppongi, there were too many U.S. Army/Navy guys from yokosuka base. they threw really nasty words to my girls, friends, and me assuming we don't understand english. so rude. we pretended as if we didn't understand what they said to us. they make roppongi, where was one of the best place to have fun three years ago, nasty district. fuck off. baka wo aite ni shiteru hima wa nei n dayo, inakamon. i'm not going there any more.

at any rate, kenta played great tonight. his base was smooth tonight. we celebrated his great show with five shots of tequila. that's why i'm so trashed now. hehehe:P
gave kiro drive to his place. he kept talking about how cool nyc is and i should move to there.
really unrealistic but really attractive.
i think i'll do that within a year or two. hopefully...
came home and wrote this. i should go to sleep soon 'cause i've been up for forty-five hours so far.
this s thing will kick my butt someday. but i really like keep myself really hectic. i cannot stop rely on this. damn...
sweet dream.