it was a weird day today.
last night, i couldn't sleep well. i went to bed around 6 a.m. and i started think about why i'm here.
i mean why i've got birth and end up being here. i was wondering if i'm happy now and why i can't appreciate the fact that i'm living as me and walked thorugh my life like this.
it's weird to feel i love myself more than anything but i don't like myself a lot.

i woke up aroungd 10 and went to the dentist 'cause i've got a mushiba. i really hate to go to the dentist. may be because of the smell of the place. it smells like pain.

went to shibuya to shop. i went the agnis b. store that is one of my favorit brand all time.
i purchased a black tight suites to wear when i ride my vespa, and some shirts and tight black pants. god, i love to be a professional geek. i can purchase really cool clothing without looking at the price tags before i decide to get it.
clothing is one of my few hobby as well.

shima-shisu gave me call on my cell phone when i was browsing cds at the tower records in shibuya.
i've got one of the jams cd before i left the store to meet her and jill who came to visit tokyo from seattle.

went to have gyoza (a.k.a. dumpling) dinner with them and ran into my freind rick and his girl at the gyoza place.

we all had dinner together and went to drink. hmm... maker's mark. i love this shit.
later, seigo, shima, tomoki, nacchan, and bunch of my freinds showed up at the bar. we drunk together. had good time.

seigo showed up with his girl. i thought she was really attractive. wearing cool clothing, confident smile, and great legs. i like a girl who is beautiful and smart.

i'm a smart ass. but i'm not beautiful.

i don't like a beautiful and dumb girl 'cause she has smething which i don't have and she dosen't have a thing i have.
so as the opposit case.

the girl has both beauty and intelligence. so i was knocked down.

i always wondering why the girl i find attractive is already somebody elese's or living somewhere impossible to see.
it sucks.

tomorrow, i'll invite my family for the dim-sum dinner 'cause i've got paied.