went to drink to celebrate myself.
today, i was nominated for the project manager of our next resarch project.
3G cell phone system.
i'll be responsible for designing the software archtecture for it.
we are going to implement the system using CORBA and Java, those are my current favorit technology 'cause it's pretty.
people who had ever been in my room knows how much i love java examing my java book collection.

anyway, i'm happy now.
i'll be get busy until march 2001 and the system would be deploied in 2003 in this country at least, possibly worldwide.
right now, i'm reading on the ITT standard document about 3G spec. which i have to read by sep. 1st.
damn. it's over 4000 pages long written in english and boring.
hell, i don't mind. i'm excited about this opportunity.
my team will change the world. hehehe...