A pottery studio and art gallery in Fort Worth, TX.

Also my former employer and a quite fun place to work when other people are there. I have several stories about this place, but most of them might get me sued for libel or defamation of character. Many potheads do tend towards paranoia. Or so I've been told.

One of the true joys of working at Alpine and indeed of living in Fort Worth was Ernesto's Taqueria, the best and cheapest mexican food I ever have or ever will have.

Eventually the proprietor of Alpine had to choose between having an employee and other pursuits. My boss chose to continue with his previous endeavors, and here I am. Not that i have hard feelings, my time at Alpine was a great experience and I hope to possibly exhibit there in the future.

If you are ever in Ft Worth, stop by at 1632 Park Place Ave and tell Scott hi; his work is pretty cool. While you're at it, buy a drum, chances are good that I put the head on it.